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  • The Rain Song

    Today we continued learning about the weather.  We made a pinwheel to see how the wind can move things...though it really didn't spin too well.  Anna got the point though and still likes her pinwheel.

    We (well, mostly ME) did a cool experiment to make clouds:  We put some warm water in a 2 liter bottle because we needed warm, moist air for clouds to form.  We knew we had warm, moist air inside the bottle because the warm water caused condensation to form on the inside of the bottle.  We could also tell by feeling the outside of the bottle that it was warm inside.  Next I had to light a match and quickly put it in the bottle and close the lid.  Then we squeezed the bottle to create high pressure.  When we let go of the bottle it simulated a decrease in air pressure which causes the clouds to form...and sure enough, when we let go it got a little foggier inside of the bottle.  Pretty cool!

    Unfortunately I did not take any photos...sorry!

    Next we learned a little song about rain and clouds, sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star":

    As I look up in the sky,
    I can see clouds floating by.
    As I lift my hands up high,
    Rain is falling from the sky.
    Rain is falling, falling down.
    Clouds are floating all around.

    Here's a video of Anna performing the song.  (If it looks like she's not looking at the camera it's because I was holding the words up under the camera...she didn't have it memorized at the time, but I thinks he does now.)

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