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  • If I Were A Queen...

    Anna had to write a little bit about what kind of Queen she would be and this is the story she came up with.  I let her do all the spelling and didn't guide her in any way.  I was pleased that she spelled "would" correctly and super surprised that she spelled "people" correctly since that's such an oddly spelled word.  I asked her how she knew that there was an "o" in it and she shrugged and said that she wasn't sure, that maybe she saw it somewhere.  She amazes me.  And also, even though she spelled "protect" wrong....she spelled it "protecked"...I was impressed with her thought process in putting an "ed" at the end.  Her language arts curriculum has touched some on the -ing and -ed suffixes and I guess that she's learning a bit!  :)

    Anyway, here's her little story about the kind of Queen she would be.

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