Anna at Gymnastics Class

Posted by Elizabeth Bogh
I took a few clips of Anna at her gymnastics class yesterday. They were practicing kickovers with STRAIGHT LEGS on the floor and Anna has to be constantly reminded to keep her legs straight. I always hear her coach saying "Anna, straight legs. No, STRAIGHT legs!" Hah. She's starting to do a little bit better with them though. They were also working on handstand forward roll with straight arms, but you can see that Anna keeps her arms as straight as her legs..... LOL. They were also doing backwards rolls off a mat with straight arms, but I didn't get that on video. The last part is conditioning at the end of class. This was the most conditioning they'd ever done and I didn't get all of it on video. They had to do what you see in the video (20 single leg jumps up and down on the mat, 10 push ups, 10 frog jumps, 10 jumps front and back over the line and then 10 jumps side to side on the line....Anna didn't do all of those obviously...). And then they had to run 10 laps around HALF of the mat. Then they had to do everything again and then run 5 laps around half the mat. She was exhausted. It was funny watching them though. It was by far the most conditioning they've ever done at the end of class.
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